Boots & Pine


Tara-Lynn Morrison in Hamilton

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Hamilton & moved to Toronto when I was 19.

What brought you to Toronto?
After living in Toronto during my twenties, I moved back to Hamilton for the cheap rent.

What do you do for a living?
I knit my fingers to the bone running my label Good Night, Day & wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How did you get started?
It started out of an obsession that progressed to where I am now & which is still moving forward.

What’s your favourite thing about your neighborhood?
I am surrounded by breathtaking homes that are over 100 years old. Everything I need is within walking distance, such as coffee shops, the library, the Bruce Trail, parks & a local bakery.

What’s the last treasure you found?
I recently was given a mid-century coral leather chair.

If you were going to eat your last meal in Toronto, where and what would you eat?
Bulgogi, dumplings & beer with friends at Il Bun Ji.

If you could have a sleepover with anyone who has ever existed, who would it be?
It is a tie between Anais Nin & Jean Rhys.

If your life was a TV show, what would be the theme song?
I really want to say These Days by Nico, although not taking the lyrics so literally perhaps.

What does Toronto need that it doesn’t have now?
Affordable neighbourhoods for young families.

Visit Good Night, Day’s website and online shop to scope out her beautiful knits. Tara-Lynn’s blog is a wonderful read, and her Tumblr is full of goodies too.

© 2012 Arden Wray