Boots & Pine


Odessa Paloma Parker in Yonge & St. Clair


Where did you grow up?

Scarborough. Needless to say, my desire to emulate PJ Harvey, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie in high school made for a weird sight amongst my suburban peers.

What brought you to Toronto?

I love this city so much and can remember always being so excited when I was younger to see the CN Tower and skyline from the Bloor Viaduct when I was taking the subway downtown. It was the next step in life for me.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a stylist, writer, editor, shop crawl coordinator and educator. I’m also currently working on a fashion line collaboration for Fitzroy Boutique.

How did you get started?

I interned for a magazine and then worked for an artist agency, Judy Inc (the agency that now reps me as a stylist). I learned about so many different facets of the fashion industry and it motivated me to try different things within my career path.

What’s your favourite thing about your neighbourhood?

The location – close enough to all the action I like during the evening and weekends, but far enough that I can choose to stay in and relax without much temptation. I also love that there’s a nice park and ravine, and the beautiful Mount Pleasant Cemetery, so close by.

What’s the last treasure you found?

So many during Vintage Crawl Toronto! My fave find was a gold/pearl/jeweled turtle-shaped box from The Chief Salvage Co. I think it was probably used as a snuff box – it’s definitely something you keep psychedelic things in.

If you were going to eat your last meal in Toronto, where and what would you eat?

A full out feast at 416 Snackbar. I’d definitely have a trini double, some Korean fried chicken, a mini mac, and a glass of Pinot Noir.

If you could have a sleepover with anyone who has ever existed, who would it be?

David Bowie, Diana Vreeland, Brian Eno, and Jefferson Hack. Who wouldn’t want to see that crew in their jammies?

If your life was a TV show, what would be the theme song?

“Leisure Pony” by Pond. It’s groovy and fun. I don’t know what the lyrics actually symbolize, but to me they mean not being too complacent in life.

What does Toronto need that it doesn’t have now?

More community gardens, a better transit system, and more support for independent retailers, artists and designers.

Read Odessa’s blog, Notes on Novelty, and see her styling portfolio at Judy Inc. Follow her on Twitter: @OdessaPaloma.

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