Boots & Pine


Madeline Coleman in Ridgewood Queens

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Where did you grow up?

In the pine-scented suburbs of Vancouver, Canada.

What brought you to New York?

Love, ambition…but literally, a U-Haul and a K1 visa.

What do you do for a living?

By day, I’m a copy editor at Aperture, a photography non-profit and book publisher based in Chelsea. I also do freelance writing and editing.

How did you get started?

The very first thing I got published was an absolutely ruthless piece of investigative journalism: an article about animal abuse titled “Here’s what you can do about animal abuse.” (Not my title.) It was published in the kids section of the Vancouver Sun. I was ten, and I think all I did for research was visit the local SPCA and speculate that one shy dog I saw “may have been abused.”

Eventually, I got my second wind as an editor at my college paper in Montreal, then as associate editor at Maisonneuve magazine.

What are your favorite things about your neighborhood?

My apartment, the Italian grocery store on Fresh Pond, the Vietnamese restaurant Bunker, and my nail place on Myrtle Avenue. Ridgewood is such a gem: a nearly-Brooklyn neighborhood whose Queens zip code and low profile keep rents low and the riffraff out. Except the Times recently published a piece about Ridgewood, so maybe the cat’s out of the bag…

What’s the last treasure you found?

A marbled, green formica dining table. 

If you were going to eat your last meal in New York, where and what would you eat?

Dim sum forever. Anywhere that makes decent har gow.

If you could have a sleepover with anyone who has ever existed, who would it be?

My husband and my cat. Livin’ the dream over here.

If your life was a TV show, what would be the theme song?

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin.

What does New York need that it doesn’t have now?

A good Chinese noodle place in my neighborhood. I’m really pushing for Ridgewood to get the Flushing treatment—Queens could totally support two Chinatowns!

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