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Christina Remenyi in Parkdale

Where did you grow up?


What do you do for a living?

I am the owner/designer of a lingerie label called Fortnight.

How did you get started?

I started Fortnight out of my parent’s basement. I had a concept that that came out of my inability to find lingerie that was simple, modern and well made, but couldn’t find anyone to manufacture it for me here in Canada.

After a lot of research and courses into fit/sizing and how to construct lingerie, I met my pattern maker and technical designer Alison Chown through a mutual friend. Alison helped me develop and manufacture the first collection and we are still working together today.

Just after releasing our first mini collection, we happened to meet a marketing team that offered to make a video for us. The concept was “sexy” CPR and when it launched, it immediately went viral and has had over 20 million views. It was just what we needed to get our little lingerie company’s name out on a global platform.

I couldn’t be more fortunate to have met so many amazing people along the way.

What’s your favourite thing about your neighbourhood?

I love that Parkdale is so close to downtown, but feels like a world away. It has an amazing community, it’s close to the lake and has pretty unbelievable coffee too.

What’s the last treasure you found?
A Christian Dior sweater From Dennis’ Vintage downstairs from our studio.

If you were going to eat your last meal in Toronto, where and what would you eat?

The key lime pie in a jar at Grand Electric is one of the most perfect desserts I’ve ever had. Maybe I’d go for that.

If you could have a sleepover with anyone who has ever existed, who would it be?

Diana Vreeland.

If your life was a TV show, what would be the theme song?

The Night Court theme song. It’s classic, catchy… Can’t go wrong with that.

What does Toronto need that it doesn’t have now?

It would be nice if we had more subway lines!

Visit beautiful Fortnight’s website here.

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